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Free DNS

Update 12/30/2020 – I’m testing out self-hosted nameservers. This means I’m now offering free subdomain service. If you don’t want to live on the edge you can try a different DNS provider.

Top Level Domain

If you own a domain you can use the nameservers at your registrar. It’s simple and easy and what your domain registrar is supposed to do.

If you don’t own a domain you can get one for free at freenom. These domains aren’t great for search engine optimization or ranking, but they’re great for testing and learning.

Free subdomain providers

I am happy to make you a free subdomain of surprising.design, however, if that isn’t what you want there are some free services that provide free subdomains you can use in conjunction with surprising.design free web hosting.

Do you know something that should be added or removed from the list?

Leave me a suggestion I can keep everything current.

Free DNS
Free DNS

DDOS Protection

cloudflare.com is especially recommended for their free ddos protection. The cloudflare cdn and proxy can help save you some bandwidth on your account. It might also improve your connection speed depending on your location. This service is completely compatible with cloudflare: just set your domain record at cloudflare to answer with the IP of the server you’re hosted on.

Are you wondering why we don’t provide DNS service? That’s a fair question, and I don’t mind explaining my reasoning.

Every time someone looks up your web site something has to answer. By handling those loads off site you gain a lot of resources. The web server is completed devoted to serving web pages. How do you think you’ll feel about the page load times? You’ll appreciate the trade off when you see the results.

I am considering the possibility of adding DNS to the service.

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