Built On Open Source

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Free Web Hosting

This is a hosting concept based on learning – not profit. I know of no other free host with such diversity in hosting environments.

What is it?

It’s free web hosting, and you can order it very simply by using the chat bot button in the bottom right corner.

Light Speed

This is a new and experimental service. I make no claims about the longevity of this project, except to say that everything is paid until Sept 2021. Beyond that, I’m just 1 person, not a large company, and we live in a world where anything can happen, if I get struck by lightning there is no redundant admin – so make every effort to secure/backup your data.Minimal means no extra unnecessary junk.

Update 12/30/2020 – Now you have an option to use self-hosted DNS; that means you’ll be using my nameservers and have total control over what records are created.

No FTP, or email: because I just don’t see the need. If you need these services, you’ll have to find another way. You can use ‘php sendmail’ and send transactional email or be a bit more daring and set up ‘smtp’. I chose to offload these services and gained a nice gain in performance because of it.

What makes this the best free web hosting

There’s lots of free web hosts out there.

What’s different?

Should you choose to host here?


I’m a minimalist. The small system, while properly engineered, provides the necessary speed and power that makes hosting fun. Most web hosts like to talk about how many big powerful servers they have and their complex, multilayered set up; but I’ve achieved a high quality of service with a tiny set up.


Built for you. There are no automated cookie cutter scripts giving everyone more than needed or some people not nearly enough. I manually provision each service so everyone gets an optimized solution.


This free web hosting is only possible with a commitment to the best new Open Source Technology and none of this would be possible without it. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy it.

Find out more about the Free Web Hosting Services we offer or take a peak at the Community.

Hosting Packages

Your hosting package is custom tailored to your needs. There are 5 servers available in 3 locations in the USA: CA, VA, and GA

  • Disk Allocation: Currently 25gb of web hosting disk waiting to be utilized
  • Data Transfer: 6 TB of Data transfer available
  • You can have a free subdomain your_name.surprising.design
  • Or a free subdirectory surprising.design/your_name
  • And you can host your top level domain
  • 1 click wordpress install
  • 1 click ssl with letsencrypt
  • Multiple Operating systems and Web Panels to choose from
  • Remote Backups
  • Free Support from a friendly admin

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